05.08.13 – Film von Luiz Ortiz

Monday, the 5. August 2013, 13:05 by rita

tittle: a displacement of akira kurosawa’s short movie “sunhine through the rain” as a personal interpretation by luis ortiz

lenght: 13:33 min.

descritpion; a remake/apropiation of a Kuroswa’s short movie, at the same time an reenactment of a real happening, a displacement of a existing movie to berlin-neuk├Âlln in the present time but mantaining the original audio and a political statement adressing these questions: What language is ours? Wich culture, wich place, wich time? Which feelings own ourselves, which ones are universal? What is the destiny? What is the influence of the power of the politics, the economy, the nation and the nationality on our destiny?


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